Lets go 2019 

Hello everybody! Thought I’d start blogging again… Here we go. Just a heads up on a lot of stuff it is been a year since I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. If you don’t know what that is go ahead and look it up Google it plenty of places to find out what it does. It affected the way I sang it affected the way I ate it affected the way I looked it affected the way I felt. It was a long year, the year of recovery or year of working at odds and end Jobs to make money to pay the bills and make money to dig myself out of a hole. Prime example of, just keep moving forward, keep your hopes up high in your head down low, and any of the other inspirational quips out there that people seem to take for granted. I am thankful, and have my hopes up high and my head down low. I’ve been working on a lot of new music, and I am very excited to put it out for all of you fine folks. Also going to be shooting a bunch of music videos this year To go along with some of these tunes. Every little bit helps and I’m thankful for all of your kind words and positive comments and encouraging Energy that you all send in my direction. May I do the same for all of you, and with every song you hear from Pullman standard you find yourself feeling more powerful and more filled with energy to approach your days with a bigger heart and stronger mind. Rock ‘n’ roll is real! Happy 2019 let’s go. Timmy D-

Blah Blah Blog ! 

Well I suppose now I would be as good a time as any to start blogging again about what Pullman standard is been up to.   So much as happened in the last three months it's hard to even know where to begin but I guess I will say we are back out on the road and we are going strong.  Somewhere in the middle of Texas right now ready for the next two months. Lost a few guys over the summer, but found new soldiers of rock and roll...  in just six short days our world in Pullman standard was sufficive it to say "flipped" upside down.  We decided to continue on as a three-piece and will finish out the Starting Static tour as such.  Thank you so much to everybody who's been coming out to the shows already. It means the world to have all of your support and encouragement.  We will keep you posted if there's any other changes but until then the journey continues so keep moving forward !

Yours truly ---

Timmy D

El Vegas 

 Dear Vegas we love you!
But you are so hot! 
110 degrees? really?
Five days of this - how do you Vegans live out here in this?
We'll be back soon! 
To our fine Hennessey's and Mickey Finnz crew... Biggest Hugs and thanks for always making us feel welcome

New Record 

 For those of you who love us so very much... it is you that makes us do what we do.  It is you who keeps us focused on the goal, which is - keep spreading our music to the world and let everyone know who we are.  We work hard for every inch we get, so know that every enchoraging word we get for you, our fans and friends, means the world!

So just to let you know, we delayed the release of this record because we have spent a lot of time, money, and our hearts trying to make every song the best we can.  The steam powered heart never stops as long as the fire inside it burns bright.

Timmy D.

The Pullman Standard train keeps a chuggin 

Recording songs and playing shows... seems to be the theme of this fall season.  So happy to be in Pullman Standard and happy to be surrounded by a great group of guys.  Its wierd when there are three doors opening for you at the same time and you dont know which one to take, we shall see. To the jerk that stole our equipment, may the winds of Karma find there way to your doorstep. Until then we shall keep moving forward.

Timmy D.-

Time flys 

 Werent we just on tour? geez... Now we are planning a quick spring tour and then on to the Summer Tour... Having said that...

Had a blast last night at the Auld Dubliner in Tustin, Played three sets! and Rocked them all, had a few Cougars in the crowd.   Its so cool to see young and old come together and really enjoy our music and what we do.  We love all of you !!! ROCK N ROLL!!!


BAck From tour 

 Well the first thing i must say is .... PHeww --- Sigh of relief ---- What a fun tour , big phat thankyous to all who made it possible.  It is October 3rd - and after a week of recovery - its time to get back in the saddle, but wait , i guess we already have gotten back in the swing of things.  We spent this whole weekend Sept 30th - Oct 1st,2nd,3rd recording the acoustic album of our Midnight Matinee E.P. - We only ended up recording Midnight Matinee and the Riddle acousticly - if we had more time maybe we might have been able to do "Edison" and "Beautiful Affair Pt2" but alas , how fast time flies and studio time is pricey - but - it seems that the overall consensus from the Streamliners is that you want an acoustic version of Beautiful Affair Pt2 - so we might have to make this happen.  Anyways, moving on... so much to talk about, so much to say! Where do i begin... ? the road is an interesting place, we met so many people, it some times is unbelievable how many people are hanging out in this beautiful country of ours... by the way, who ever says we are over populated is stupid, we drove for fourteen hours across the state of Kansas, Oklahoma,, Texas, and  New Mexico...... from Wichita to Albuquerque and there was what seemed to be maybe 100 people and two truck stops along the way.  THERE is SO much SPACE out there!!!!   But i digress, i am so thankful to have met so many awesome new friends and fans along the way. I cant wait to get back out to all of your neighborhoods and rock n roll all day with you.  More stories to come - we love you all !!! Keep on Rocken!!!  

Timmy D.

Pullman Standard 

Almost There 

 $150 more to reach our Kick Starter goal!!!!   So excited to visit all of you out there across the U.S. and more importantly so excited and thankful for all of those whom have donated to our cause of getting out on the road and showing more of the world what we are made of and who Pullman Standard is.

Another Night I'm up to late 

 To all who came out tonight.... Oh what fun we had!  We love all of you !  I dont understand why the lights wont work on our trailer? I mean they work... kinda... i sat back and thought about some of the stuff that Kev and I(Timmy) talk about before we perform.  Hmmmmmm WW2 in color? 10 minutes before we take the stage... uhm? what was a better bomber for the americans, the B-17 or the B-24? What was or worst defeat during the war? What was our greatest victory? Did you see Flags of our fathers? and now its time to take the stage.  We are such dorks!  Anyways, keep up the great work with the kickstarter page.  We are halfway there and are closing in on the deadline. Lets do this!


 We need your help!

Every body get on the horn and tell all of your friends. 

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We love you so much... with out our fans we are nothing