Lets go 2019

Hello everybody! Thought I’d start blogging again… Here we go. Just a heads up on a lot of stuff it is been a year since I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. If you don’t know what that is go ahead and look it up Google it plenty of places to find out what it does. It affected the way I sang it affected the way I ate it affected the way I looked it affected the way I felt. It was a long year, the year of recovery or year of working at odds and end Jobs to make money to pay the bills and make money to dig myself out of a hole. Prime example of, just keep moving forward, keep your hopes up high in your head down low, and any of the other inspirational quips out there that people seem to take for granted. I am thankful, and have my hopes up high and my head down low. I’ve been working on a lot of new music, and I am very excited to put it out for all of you fine folks. Also going to be shooting a bunch of music videos this year To go along with some of these tunes. Every little bit helps and I’m thankful for all of your kind words and positive comments and encouraging Energy that you all send in my direction. May I do the same for all of you, and with every song you hear from Pullman standard you find yourself feeling more powerful and more filled with energy to approach your days with a bigger heart and stronger mind. Rock ‘n’ roll is real! Happy 2019 let’s go. Timmy D-

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