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Well I suppose now I would be as good a time as any to start blogging again about what Pullman standard is been up to.   So much as happened in the last three months it's hard to even know where to begin but I guess I will say we are back out on the road and we are going strong.  Somewhere in the middle of Texas right now ready for the next two months. Lost a few guys over the summer, but found new soldiers of rock and roll...  in just six short days our world in Pullman standard was sufficive it to say "flipped" upside down.  We decided to continue on as a three-piece and will finish out the Starting Static tour as such.  Thank you so much to everybody who's been coming out to the shows already. It means the world to have all of your support and encouragement.  We will keep you posted if there's any other changes but until then the journey continues so keep moving forward !

Yours truly ---

Timmy D

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