BAck From tour

 Well the first thing i must say is .... PHeww --- Sigh of relief ---- What a fun tour , big phat thankyous to all who made it possible.  It is October 3rd - and after a week of recovery - its time to get back in the saddle, but wait , i guess we already have gotten back in the swing of things.  We spent this whole weekend Sept 30th - Oct 1st,2nd,3rd recording the acoustic album of our Midnight Matinee E.P. - We only ended up recording Midnight Matinee and the Riddle acousticly - if we had more time maybe we might have been able to do "Edison" and "Beautiful Affair Pt2" but alas , how fast time flies and studio time is pricey - but - it seems that the overall consensus from the Streamliners is that you want an acoustic version of Beautiful Affair Pt2 - so we might have to make this happen.  Anyways, moving on... so much to talk about, so much to say! Where do i begin... ? the road is an interesting place, we met so many people, it some times is unbelievable how many people are hanging out in this beautiful country of ours... by the way, who ever says we are over populated is stupid, we drove for fourteen hours across the state of Kansas, Oklahoma,, Texas, and  New Mexico...... from Wichita to Albuquerque and there was what seemed to be maybe 100 people and two truck stops along the way.  THERE is SO much SPACE out there!!!!   But i digress, i am so thankful to have met so many awesome new friends and fans along the way. I cant wait to get back out to all of your neighborhoods and rock n roll all day with you.  More stories to come - we love you all !!! Keep on Rocken!!!  

Timmy D.

Pullman Standard 

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