Lets go 2019

Hello everybody! Thought I’d start blogging again… Here we go. Just a heads up on a lot of stuff it is been a year since I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. If you don’t know what that is go ahead…

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Blah Blah Blog !

Well I suppose now I would be as good a time as any to start blogging again about what Pullman standard is been up to.   So much as happened in the last three months it's hard to even know where…Read more

El Vegas

 Dear Vegas we love you!
But you are so hot! 
110 degrees? really?
Five days of this - how do you Vegans live out here in this?
We'll be back soon! 
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New Record

 For those of you who love us so very much... it is you that makes us do what we do.  It is you who keeps us focused on the goal, which is - keep spreading our music to the world…Read more

The Pullman Standard train keeps a chuggin

Recording songs and playing shows... seems to be the theme of this fall season.  So happy to be in Pullman Standard and happy to be surrounded by a great group of guys.  Its wierd when there are three doors opening…

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Time flys

 Werent we just on tour? geez... Now we are planning a quick spring tour and then on to the Summer Tour... Having said that...

Had a blast last night at the Auld Dubliner in Tustin, Played three sets! and…Read more

BAck From tour

 Well the first thing i must say is .... PHeww --- Sigh of relief ---- What a fun tour , big phat thankyous to all who made it possible.  It is October 3rd - and after a week of recovery…Read more

Almost There

 $150 more to reach our Kick Starter goal!!!!   So excited to visit all of you out there across the U.S. and more importantly so excited and thankful for all of those whom have donated to our cause of getting out…Read more

Another Night I'm up to late

 To all who came out tonight.... Oh what fun we had!  We love all of you !  I dont understand why the lights wont work on our trailer? I mean they work... kinda... i sat back and thought about some…Read more


 We need your help!

Every body get on the horn and tell all of your friends. 

Donate five dollars to help us get on the road to come see you

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A little bit goes a long way

 Well the schedule for today is as follows, work on Vocals for new Version of Vanity Fair, then work on Vocals for the song Professor Fate, then finish approving designs for our new T Shirt s .   Lunch, Keep working…Read more


 Why is it that i always love performing at the OC fair?  Maybe its because we get to perform on an awesome stage in front of Awesome fans!!! You were all great!!!
We are going to be in rehearsals…Read more