Another Night I'm up to late

 To all who came out tonight.... Oh what fun we had!  We love all of you !  I dont understand why the lights wont work on our trailer? I mean they work... kinda... i sat back and thought about some of the stuff that Kev and I(Timmy) talk about before we perform.  Hmmmmmm WW2 in color? 10 minutes before we take the stage... uhm? what was a better bomber for the americans, the B-17 or the B-24? What was or worst defeat during the war? What was our greatest victory? Did you see Flags of our fathers? and now its time to take the stage.  We are such dorks!  Anyways, keep up the great work with the kickstarter page.  We are halfway there and are closing in on the deadline. Lets do this!

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