You read it on the Vanity Fair

 Hey everybody out there in La La land
Just wanted to say hello and a quick hows it going.  I've been in the studio all night recording and mixing vocals to a new version of the song "Vanity Fair".  Some of you might remeber this song from the first demo we did as Pullman Standard, other have only heard us perform it live. We were told a couple of weeks ago that the song needed and over haul.  "A fresh take" as some would say... anyways, we love you guys so very much and are excited.  We will be all over the state of California during the next 30 days, cant wait, cant wait to see you guys rocking and rolling to our tunes.  By the way, to all of the Rock n Roll marathon runners in San Diego, SO AMAZING!!! So many of you took a minute and danced to our tunes while you ran the course, as tired as you were,  you still danced your behind off, so lucky we are to have people enjoy our tunes the way you do.  Anyways, we are releasing a few songs in July, so excited! Might be a three song E.P. .... maybe more.  Anyways, Vanity Fair, sounds so cool, so excited to release it.
If you wand to be a streamliner, let us know! We will send you new demos and posters to hand out and rep the PS. And the more you rep us, the more cool perks you get from us.

Cant wait to see you all

Timmy D.

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