Live from L.A. on a Saturday afternoon... Getting ready to go hang out at Chain Reaction for the Conditions show.  Should be fun, -fingers crossed- just need to avoid the 405 and we should be good.  Got out of the…Read more

Happy Middle of summer!

 To all who came and saw us at the Plaza Stage.   Thank you!!!  Crazy fourth of July came and went.  Onwards and upwards, we will see you at the Irvine Spectrum this Saturday for a free afternoon show.  Come hang…Read more

The Line Up!!!

  So... here is the deal. We have been getting a lot of messages from our fans asking why we keep having different drummers at our shows? wheres Dale? did you guys kick him out? Well im going to set the…Read more

Good times at the San Diego Fair

 What a fun show Saturday night at the San Diego fair!  We love all of you.  Thanks to all of the new fans and friends we made, and the die hard streamliners that made it out to the fair just…Read more

You read it on the Vanity Fair

 Hey everybody out there in La La land
Just wanted to say hello and a quick hows it going.  I've been in the studio all night recording and mixing vocals to a new version of the song "Vanity Fair".…Read more

Rock n Roll Marathon weekend

 Nothing like getting up at 4 am to go rock out for 30,000 marathon runners.  I love it!!!  Anyways, this weekend was full of rocking and rolling.  It started on friday with two 45 minute sets at the GBK gift…Read more

Late night Recording Sesh!!!

 What aup everybody!!!

Timmy D. coming to you live from the Hit Factory! Just Kidding...but really... Anyways.  So quick blog update, we have been working on a couple of new songs and are quite excited about how they are…Read more

Summer 2011 here we come!!!

 Hey Everybody

Timmy D here saying hello and giving you the quick run down on summer time events.

We have a few busy months of summer coming up . We will be performing at the San Diego Rock…Read more