The Line Up!!!

  So... here is the deal. We have been getting a lot of messages from our fans asking why we keep having different drummers at our shows? wheres Dale? did you guys kick him out? Well im going to set the record straight right now. Dale and i have been great friends for almost ten years. We were in two other bands together before Pullman Standard rocking, touring, and sacrificing for our music. The fact of the matter is simple, we want to go different directions, our goals are different , and in order to accomplish these goals we both decided that it was best to go our separate ways. We are all great friends and want to see each other succeed with our careers. We wish Dale the best in all of his endeavours. As far as a replacement, we have been auditioning perspective drummers for the past few months, some of whom you have seen us perform with at various shows. We would officially like to welcome Luke Catandella to the Pullman Standard crew. Get ready to rock, we will see you soon.


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