Rock n Roll Marathon weekend

 Nothing like getting up at 4 am to go rock out for 30,000 marathon runners.  I love it!!!  Anyways, this weekend was full of rocking and rolling.  It started on friday with two 45 minute sets at the GBK gift lounge at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills, then a three hour drive to Del Mar to perform a 40 minute set at the SD fair media party .  Then back up to Los Angeles on Saturday to perform 3 more 45 minute sets at the GBK gift lounge.  Then turned the tour van around and drove back to San Diego, slept for four hours woke up Sunday at 4 am and loaded gear to perform two more 45 minute sets at 8 am and 9:15 am for the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon.  Turned the Tour Van around a drove back to Los Angeles.  Woke up on monday morning with a super soar throat and wanted to do it all again.  Made a bunch of new friends and fans this weekend, I love every minute of it and wouldn't change a thing.  If you love our music, dont ever hesitate to let us know.  It means the world to us as a band to have so many of you out there loving and supporting us.  

Now we can start our summer!!!

Timmy D.

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