Edge of the Clouds Tour 

We will be heading out for a 3.5 month long tour in 2 days!!! The tour will be kicked off by the premier of our new video for "If and When."  Also taking place September 1, 2014 the Edge of the Clouds EP will be released. Very soon we will begin taking preorders for the EP so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out the dates for Part One of the tour. 

Tour Design Contest 

Help us design our tour merchandise for our upcoming summer/fall tour, which we’re calling the “Edge of The Clouds” Tour. Use the name of the tour, the image below, and this clip from our new song “Sky Harbor” to inspire you (https://soundcloud.com/pullman_standard/sky-harbor-clip).

Contest Rules

Entries will be accepted from June 11, 2014 at 12:01am PDT to July 2, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT.. Winners announced July 4th. Please keep your artwork PG. 
To enter the contest please upload a picture of your artwork to FB, Twitter, or Instagram and include the following hashtags: #pullmanstandard #edgeofthecloudstour14

We will pick one first place and one second place winner. The first place winner’s artwork will be printed on t-shirts that will be sold at our shows. The second place winner’s artwork will be printed on 24”X36” posters that will also be sold at shows.

Both winners will be awarded:
  • 1 free t-shirt
  • 1 free poster signed by the band
  • stickers
  • buttons
  • 1 signed copy of our new EP (to be released later this year)
Disclaimer: By uploading the picture participants give us consent to use the picture on our website and social media to promote the contest and also consent to print image for sales purposes. The participants will not be compensated financially. 

Let me fill you in - 

So i'll make this as to the point as possible.  I started Pullman Standard six years ago when i was living out of my car and all i had was my Acoustic guitar and Laptop  to record demos with.  People began to believe in my songs and musicians joined me on my journey to share those songs.  Pullman Standard has had quite a few line up changes along the way, some for personal reasons some just weren't the right fit.  But rest assured the line up you see today is the right group of guys  moving forward with the name Pullman Standard on their backs.
 To the point: 
I have been getting asked quite a bit , "Where did Austin go?" "Did you guys get in a fight?" 
First of all for those who never realized it Austin is my younger brother (Yes blood related), he joined PS straight out of high school when he was 17.  He went to college during the week and toured on the weekends as well as every open school break.  After he graduated Pullman Standard was in full touring mode, crisscrossing the country every other month.  Make no mistake, tour life is rough , there has been nothing glamorous about the last four years since we started touring.  Sleeping on random peoples floors, eating cheap fast food, driving a half busted van and trailer 6 hours to play in a half empty bar filled with smoke to people who have never heard your music so all they want to hear are cover songs.  It wears you down quickly if your not ready, another reason why some Pullman Standard members didn't stick around that long.
My brother joined Pullman Standard cause i needed a temporary bassist to play a few gigs, what was supposed to be a temporary fix turned into a six year commitment.  Austin is an amazing musician who bled for me and the dream of Pullman Standard. He always gave me and Pullman Standard his best and only questioned direction to help find a better one.   This past winter break Austin and I sat down and talked about the future of Pullman Standard.  All of the touring that was being planned for the next year, all of the long drives that were about to be logged.  I knew from the start of the conversation how it would end.  He kept it short but explained his point of view on the last six years as well as the future and how he always wants the best for me and Pullman Standard but he could no longer be a part of it and how he would give me till the end of our winter tour.   With a big hug and nod of approval Austin performed one more show with us at Molly Mallones before we left for this past Spring Tour.  Remember Pullman Standard is more than who we are as a band, it is an idea that gives energy to all.  Let our music and the energy it brings be the sound track to your adventures and the common ground in the forging of memories and relationships.  May it be the spark that ignites inspiration , and the light the guides you home.   I love my brother always.

Timmy D. -

Meet the band: Part 1 

Many of you who follow us closely have probably noticed a few changes to the line up.  Austin Smith and Steve "Gilly" Gilliland have had to move on for their own personal reasons.  We worked hard, REALLY HARD, though to secure a line up to allow us to continue with our touring plans for the spring.  And out of left field, we ended up gaining 3 new members!!  

Things are moving faster now than ever before.  It's truly amazing.  We are so thankful to have such wonder fans who have followed us from the beginning and so many great new fans who we've just met.  


Up first is Thomas Moore, or as we call him, Thomas Thomas.  Enjoy!

Our spring tour is in 10 days!!! 

We're hitting the road, yet again. Perhaps the weather will be better this go around. We thought it'd be nice to give you all a heads up as to where you can expect to see us. Dates and cities listed below this awesome tour flyer. Our friends Handsome As Sin and Leave The Universe will be sharing the stage with us on certain stops along the way. Check out our Twitter/Reverbnation/Facebook for show details.  \m/

4/7/2014 Las Vegas, NV
4/8/2014 Tucson, AZ
4/9/2014 Tempe, AZ
4/10/2014 Midland, TX
4/11/2014 Abilene, TX
4/12/2014 DFW, TX
4/13/2014 Lewisville, TX
4/15/2014 Gainesville, FL
4/16/2014 TBA
4/17/2014 TBA
4/18/2014 Inverness, FL
4/19/2014 TBA
4/21/2014 TBA
4/22/2014 Marietta, GA
4/23/2014 Clarksville, TN
4/24/2014 Nashville, TN
4/25/2014 St. Louis, MO4/26/2014 Columbia, MO
4/28/2014 Kansas City, KS
4/29/2014 Topeka, KS
4/30/2014 Lawrence, KS
5/1/2014 Wichita, KS
5/2/2014 Salina, KS
5/3/2014 Lincoln, NE
5/4/2014 Omaha, NE
5/6/2014 Manhattan, KS
5/7/2014 Ft. Collins, CO
5/8/2014 Colorado Springs, CO
5/9/2014 Denver, CO
5/10/2014 Grand Junction, CO

Keep moving forward 

Hey Everybody!

Well you know what they say.  No news is good news.  We have been touring and touring and touring and touring... If you see a flyer for a show saying we are coming to town, snap a pic and instagram it #PSontour and we'll get you some free stuff when we come to town.  Also we are shooting some vids of our acoustic shows and performances to prep for the re-release of our Steam Powered Hearts album.  We hit the road again on our spring tour next week!!! So stay tuned for show announcements.  Rock n Roll!!!

Timmy D.

"Crazy Love" Video Release & Q&A 

Who's ready for "Crazy Love?" It's going live on Valentine's Day. Then on Monday (2/17) at 3 PM Pacific Time, we are going to have a Q&A about the video on Spreecast.  Please head over to Spreecast now and create an account and ensure you have set up your webcam correctly.  It can be a little difficult but seems to be the best medium to host a Q&A.  We'd like to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible so please be prepared.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Spreecast, it is similar to Skype but has some other cool features. 

How the Q&A will work:
Our wonderful manager, Lysa Moulton, will be hosting the video with Spreecast. Use this link to access the Spreecast: http://www.spreecast.com/events/pullman-standards-crazy-love-qa. The full band and the video director will also be participating for sure, possibly the actors as well.  Lysa will also put up a link on our FB and Twitter for you to use to join the video feed.  You'll need to type the questions you want to ask the band in the "Screen Queue" section.  Please only put one at a time.  This video feed will be open to all ages so please be appropriate or you'll get kicked out.  Lysa will go through the questions and bring up your webcam and you'll then be able to  directly ask the band your question. 






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